Our Principals


Donald L. Meyers, Founder & CEO

Style: "Color tone - warm"The Founder and CEO of The Aspen Group, Donald Meyers graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Southern California. He went on to earn a Masters with distinction in law from the University of Cambridge in England. He continued his studies at the University of Virginia, where he added a Juris Doctorate to his credentials.

A native of Phoenix, Meyers returned to his hometown in 1986 and began his career in law. However, he soon discovered his talent for putting together real estate and business deals, and focused his practice on real estate law. As an attorney, he earned an A.V. Rating, a highly noteworthy distinction in the legal world. In 1991, he founded The Aspen Group, where he continues to direct all aspects of the company’s strategic planning and daily business activities. Starting from project sourcing, acquisition, and financing through entitlement, construction, and asset management or disposition of the completed development, Mr. Meyers is closely involved in all of Aspen’s projects and is a driving force behind Aspen’s success.


Jay M. Donnelly, Executive Vice President

In February 2006 Donnelly joined The Aspen Group as an Associate Vice President.   During his decade with Aspen he has been involved with financial analysis, due diligence, project management, sourcing debt and equity, acquisitions and divestitures of property, and financial management for The Aspen Group. As Executive Vice President, Donnelly is involved in all aspects of the management and direction of Aspen’s various real estate investments and developments as well as the operations and direction of The Aspen Group.