Multi-Family / Office



Pusch Ridge Apartments

144 Units
Apartment Building
Tucson, AZEntitled / Built /
Leased Up / Sold
Cascades Apartments

95 Units
Apartment Building
Phoenix, AZAsset Managed / Sold
Timberline Apartments

168 Units
Apartment Building
East Flagstaff, AZAsset Managed / Sold



Flower Court

28,000 SF
Multi – Tenant
Office Building
Phoenix, AZ
Leased up / Sold
Skyline Esplanade

70,000 SF
Professional and
Corporate Center
Tucson, AZ
Entitled / Sold with
Building Permits

10,000 SF
Office Condo
Scottsdale, AZ
Built Out Tenant Improvements / Lease / Sold
Power Rd Office Condo

70,000 SF
Second TD Loan
Chandler, AZ
Project Build Out / Sold /
Loan Repaid in Full