About Us

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Since 1991, The Aspen Group has been a respected name in business ventures, investments, and real estate development.  During this time Aspen has operated in a variety of market conditions and had exposure to a myriad of projects.  Today, we represent more than 120 investors in investments and in real estate projects throughout Arizona as well as Montana.

The Aspen Group is a privately owned investment company specializing in commercial and residential real estate investment and development. In addition to real estate, Aspen’s investment footprint includes private loans, investment in privately held operating companies, joint ventures, and public companies’ private stock offerings.   Our investment strategy is centered on a core philosophy of discovering investment opportunities with potential for significant capital appreciation.  Aspen prides itself in accurately identifying key risks and project drivers, developing a strategy to resolve the critical path items, and managing the resolution.  The net result is value creation for our investors.

Over the course of two decades in business, The Aspen Group has distinguished itself as a creative problem solver with the professional expertise to execute and manage difficult projects to the benefit of our investors. From our headquarters in Scottsdale, we have effectively utilized partnership structures with economic development authorities, financial entities, municipalities, clients, construction companies and other developers.

Currently we have ownership interest in 100% of our projects.  We bear the risks and rewards with our investors.  In every way, your projects are also ours.  That approach is our core value, and a mark of confidence in the talents of our team, who have the rare expertise to take any project from start to finish – and to do so thoroughly and efficiently.  Over the last 24 years Aspen has operated in a multitude of different markets. We understand, at every level, the risks, liabilities and costs associated with the investments we promote. Company principals scrutinize each detail of every project, enhancing value and efficiency. Our success is based on our market knowledge, honesty, responsibility, and performance.

We’re honored to work hard on your behalf.  Through our years in the business, we’ve seen market conditions and opportunities change, but we can assure you that our philosophy won’t.